the fun glossary - love and lime, and others...

want to talk like us, as well as look like us and be us?

amstel, amstel, jonny from the drog

really, why not?


fear of wooly rabbits at your window

at least i've got my health [cough]

cynical and self-pitying? it used to be hard to pull off

bar sapphire (aka) ssi group

the jewel in newcastle's crown


unimpressed with the telling bone?


deep friend squid

cock on

equivalent: hurrah!

crazy crazy franco baresi

our mate frank

diego forlorn

how can i be diego forlorn, when sometimes even he scores?

eeh well

don't except sympathy at the board


as in "let's not get completely elephant's this time..."


felling, in gateshead, tyne & wear


the opposite of reasonable


you'll know it when you see it

four eyes only

the shortsighted gentleman's club

hullo, how's your love life? (scottish accent)

just a general inquiry


accidental genius the new brown

drinking earl gay chasers in popolo, for example

love and lime

a courteous fare-thee-well

mad as a bag of snakes

some choice residents of the county LEYOUWTH

mah bairn's a smack heid! (again, scottish accent)

a generic catchphrase


the artist formerly known as alan mcgroarty


when you meant to mention something, but didn't

moo mail

ah, because cows can't talk, can they

mr bang bang

"i'll be your mr bang bang" = "i'll play drums"

... o'clock

beer o'clock, food o'clock, sleep o'clock, fun o'clock. who needs a watch?

of the queen's finest ...



q. how are you?

a. reasonable.

n.b. actually, this means on top of the world/as good as it gets/your apogee.

fun fact: this expression was used in an unsuccesful university presidential campaign by carmelite nuns in distress mastermind bertie peacock (see rock family tree). his second place winning slogan "rob's reasonable" was not understood by the electorate, and his shoo in to a place in edinburgh academecumenical folklore turned into a kick up the proverbial. still, it gives us a laugh now.


shandy, with a twist

shandy pants

anyone who drinks less than us. or, more specifically, john

sisters of misery

you know who you are


abbey national call centre style scottish lady

so you can drink 14 pints?

that don't impress me much

telling bone


the fun bus "beep beep!"

come on board!

the hesitation train "whoo whoo!"

see "the fun bus"

the night is will young

said at the point where you feel you should go home, but your innards suggest that there is at least a bagfull of frivolity still to be had. do not deny your innards.

there's not enough room in a book

...for all the mad things in my head

third wind

what tends to follow a second wind (if you're lucky)


being bullied or scared by tiwns


an omlette gone wrong


washington cd


the internet, but in the winter

you'll miss me when i'm gone

of course we will

heard a fun phrase?

why not say it to a hesitation