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Thursday November 14th 2019
carpe 10 pm

it's ten years since jonny fun and the... hesitations released the album carpe pm. yowzer!

as a celebratory treat - and we think you could do with one - you can download our 9 track 23 minutes of indie pop bliss album for nowt. free. gratis. kostenlos. have it.

HERE's the link over on bandcamp.

but that's not all. here's a titbit for you to hang your hopes on. there have been recent mutterings of a new... hesitations album. going on past delivery timescales and the KPIs on the big screen at fun towers we'll have that with you by 2025 at the latest.

as always, love and lime,


hanging out at invalidenpark, berlin.

november 2019

Sunday July 19th 2015
une belle histoire

GREETING: salut mes amis! qu'est-ce qu'il passe?

FILLER: Eh bien, j'ai some news!

NEWS: jf&...h are delighted to announce we're doing a gig! shrug life requested a special dispensation for a solo... hesitations gig, even though I haven't finished my homework yet. gerrin!

MORE NEWS THAT CREATED THE EARLIER NEWS: shrug life are releasing their first e.p. via popical island. this is great news.

BACKSTORY: shrug life's danny carroll once conducted the most enjoyable interview i ever did; there was no way i would decline such a fine opportunity to play some tunes with these genial chaps.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: details can be found here! but i can also save you a click and tell you that it's 5/8euro sans/avec cassette, in bello bar, dublin, saturday 25th july, this year. switzerband are also playing (and they jangle good) and there's something to do with kevin kilbane. i remember his debut for sunderland (not a band) in 1999; you can ask me about that on the night.

BYE! that is all i have to say for now. a bientot!


Friday August 22nd 2014
point my dns where?

ah, you came back, you are good.

jf&t. . .h are currently. . . hesitating after a prolific 2013 with musicality in that Dublin and that Sheffield. new songs were played both on plink and on strum. we were on stage with a heron. applause rang out. it was all very nice and we thank you most sincerely for dropping by.

currently we're having a good think about what we've done (with our lips pursed). something will happen in 2015, that's for sure.

in the meantime, i've dusted down my pleathers and am the mcvie in cave ghosts. i would not take offence if you had a listen.

be good to each other, and to yourself, you're worth it. pax funus.

Saturday March 9th 2013
if you want to get ahead, get a hat

why would I want to get ahead? i'm already controlling these messages on the internet. anyway...

we're at it again. gigging, live, with our instruments and voices.

dublin's most prolific band wha?

sunday 24th march. the stag's head, dublin 2 (near fun towers). we'll be playing with the talented ms valerie francis and those lovable roguish skelocrats.

it goes without saying, so i'll write it instead, 8 dimes, 9 chimes. unless you are aged, studying or alive as a register, for which it is 6 dimes

new year, new songs, just newness really. be there then!

Tuesday November 6th 2012
remember remember...

remember we made a promise?

well, failing pestilence, locusts and what have you, we're going to keep it!

even better than that, we're going to tell you what the promise was too...

it's a gig!

a left field move from a band, we know, LOL and that.

friday 30th november. the workman's clerb, the quays, dublin. supporting little xs for eyes.

as gigs go, this one will really go. see you there. 8 dimes, 9 chimes.

Saturday September 29th 2012
we live in prolific times

good news! we've recorded another song!

you read it right. that means that jonny fun and the... hesitations have recorded two songs in 2012. it's our most productive calendar year since 2009.

we've recorded a cover of big monster love's "oh what an idiot i am". it's part of a compilation and tribute to BML himself.

i also did an an interview with two states' danny carroll of RTE's 2XM. you can have a listen here!

i suggest you pour yourself some tea before you listen. keeping with hesitation tradition, i was drinking early grey.

you'll notice that in the interview i make a rash promise. it will be an interesting end to the year.

be kind to each other. pax funus.

Friday July 6th 2012
it's almost tomorrow

and that means popical island #3.

the concluding part of the trilogy.

23 songs for your listening pleasure, in a variety of formats. have a listen.

jf&th are on with 'country towns'; a bit of a reminder that you should pay attention to what nice people say and to enjoy the scenery along the way.

the all day gig takes place in whelans on wexford street, saturday 7th july from 2 p.m.

if you come along, do stop and say hello, we like the chat.

March 18th 2012
i was just resting my eyes

all quiet on the eastern(et) front.

you may however have noticed some activity in the real world... including gigs and recording a tune!

here's said tune... written ca. 2004 and recorded in 2011. can you see a theme developing? take your time!

i'm just stepping outside for a few minutes, we'll be back with more of that in a short while.

May 31st 2011
save the date

not that it's in mortal danger but just to be cautious, yet fun.


let's go!

saturday 25th june 2011.

popical island #2.

you can click HERE, yes HERE and have a watch and listen.

music, CD, downloads and two jf&th badges! 2!

"Ike moses!" as Maggie Rafferty used to say down Jarra way.

April 1st 2011
in an average sized room

we've been recording a new song (in a really echoey room).

i know, three songs in a year. it's getting serious.

"i never liked him anyway".

coming soon.

Wednesday 15th December 2010
ring a ring a what?

christmas has come early!

popical christmas that is.

a hard old station EP is now available for your ears. for the record, you have lovely ears. PI's XMAS EP features six marvellous tunes from some of PI's famous residents - including your very own jonny fun and the... hesitations.

you can stream it from this here machine, or you can visit and experience it in full on-screen glory.

all money raised is going to Camphill and CanTeen. you can visit their websites and see what cool work they get up to!

but before you do that, have a play of the tunes, dip into your electronic pocket and send a few quid their way.

love and lime, as ever!

Monday 6th December 2010

advent is upon us. Jesus and Santa are on their way, and Hannukah is here already.

with such activity you'd be hard pushed to find any time to listen to music.

you should though, cos THIS is on its way!

it'll be a FREE download, and will feature the Popical Island Showband (and your very own jf&th among other fine acts).

I'm so excited I'm going for a lie down, please excuse me!

Thursday 14th October 2010

to: you people who are reading this.

subject: gigs that we will be doing.

details: thursday november 4th (�popic�lia!, shebeen chic, dubline); monday november 15th (popical goes west in r�is�n dubh, gaillimh)

ps: do come along, it'll be much nice.

Saturday 9th October 2010
le hip du hop

le gig? bah ouais!

nous jouerons un gig!

or something like that. monday night, 11th october, anseo, upstairs. zine launch night for le hip du hop.

2 european pounds to get in, you get a zine to hold, a short film to watch and performance by jf&th to behold forever in your hearts.

there's a whisper about bingo...

see you there!

Monday 27th September 2010
here is a song

a girl with too many vowels in her name (to fall in love with), from popical island's all dayer #1, back in june.

right here!

told you!

have a watch and a listen, we'll be back with news forthwith.

Friday 3rd September 2010
things that will happen soon

we're going to do some gigs!

on this island, and that island too; a "tour" if you will. on

october and november are key months to remember. jf&th have written these months on their arms and on one band member's foot. we are pretty sure we'll not forget.

more details anon, once we've booked our funbus on the funboat and dusted down our thermos, coolbag and sleepingbox.

while you wait, you can play tunes over on the left, buy tunes on the left, and play tunes on spotify/sugarplex!

keep it �popic�lia! too.

Tuesday 3rd August 2010
hot town, summer in the city

well, it's not that hot, just a bit warm.

all's good here. we had a fine popical island day and played some tunes to new faces. oh and we were on the radio too.

then today we woke up to find out that we're on a compilation! FTW!

remember when john had that idea about 60 seconds songs being the future of music? well, he was right... eventually!

Gone In 60 Seconds featured a load of fantastic minute long songs - go and have a listen, we implore you!

remember we're on those other bookspace and myface sites - look over to your left and click a linky.

see you soon!

Wednesday 16th June 2010
let�s start at the very beginning.

oh dear... someone broke the data aggregator!

�what does that mean?� I hear you ask.

well, we had a mishap on the interweb and deleted some of our old news. don�t worry, we have it safe in the shredder tho and a team of highly trained lackies are sellotaping it back together.

in summary� there�s loads to tell you...

it's 2010! hard to believe, we know, but it is. they have cherry coke and stuff now. but they stopped making spangles years ago. and floella benjamin did pretty well for herself after playschool.

but what about jonny fun and the... hesitations?

well, since being voted the eight best band in drogheda 2003, we have gone mega. we did some gigs, we have a record and we're having some fun!

you can buy our famously incubated album carpe p.m. now in CD or download it � have an old click on ourspace or over on facebuke. the download comes with bonus tracks and artwork. how exciting. you can even be our friend, or like us on those sites. being our friend or liking us doesn�t really mean you have to stand up for us if it came to your life depending on us. our cock will crow three times and you can ignore us in the street if you like!

we�re going to be on phantom fm's I-con show with cathal funge on wednesday 16th of june. for why?

cos� popical island have a compilation CD coming out. it�s all very exciting and jf&th are on it � singing a girl with too many vowels in her name (to fall in love with)

news just in from popical island � there�s going to be an all day free gig on 19th june

come along! see bands (more than 12 but less than 273), listen to music, have a soda pop, have fun, talk to us, have more fun when you realise your lives are more fun than ours, buy a CD, have some pizza (not included), then go home and have yourself a lovely sleep.

oh, and UK tour coming up in 2010 that�s when. FTW!

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