introducing jf&th

where do we start?

Jonny Fun and the... Hesitations play nice tunes that make you smile on the inside. In 2003 they were voted one of the 12 best bands in Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland; quite an achievement. This here website even describes them as "average". They have tried to build on this success by recording some of their tunes. This took quite a while, starting their debut album 'Carpe P.M.' in 2004 and managing to release it in 2009. The album was definitely carpe-ing the p.m. Since then several recordings have featured on the Popical Island compilations and people have said nice things.

"Delicious slices of good time indie pop" Road Records

"Jonny Fun and friends do a good line in specificity and wit"

"Indie-pop of the highest quality" Cathal Funge (I-CON, Phantom FM)

"highlights include the sweetness of 'Country Towns' from Jonny Fun and the Hesitations"

"Jonny Fun & The Hesitations resurrect the days of C86 far better than The Drums" Phil Udell,

JF&T...H were once victims of geography and only gigged at Christmas for their mams and dads, but now JF&T...H are gigging more than ever before. In fact they gigged just a couple of weeks ago to some people they knew but to even more people that they didn't know. They sing and play guitars, an old organ, bass, drums, as well as a collection of children's instruments. One song even has a shakey egg solo. Rumours are that the long awaited follow up album to 'carpe p.m.' may surpass expectations of average and might even be considered reasonable.

Jonny Fun and the... Hesitations are Jonny, Annie, Padraig and Dave.