pick your symbol

now, as we said, it's all about you the fan(s), and more importantly, how you're feeling.

click on one of the weather symbols below, the one which best reflects your mood, and the clever winternet will remember it for your next visit. unlike the perils that are faced by people making faces in the wind, you are allowed to change your mood up to 273 times when you visit our online emporium of fun

so, how are you feeling?

sunny: all skies are blue. probably not a monday. you may have a little bit of love in your life, and have probably eaten pizza recently.

sunny with the odd cloud: the kind of weather that makes you appreciate beer gardens. warm bit, cold bit, beer, and nuts. it's more thank likely that you saw a sunset in the last 7 days.

where's me sun gone like, bonny lad?: now, here 's where life isn't quite all as shiny and new as it might be. it's on the verge of being reasonable, love and lime may be rationed due to a vicious outbreak of apathy.

cloudy: there are clouds, amusingly shaped in the shape of this here ireland shaped island. this exciting luxury graphic was not intentional, but it lends credence to those people who imagine they see shapes in the clouds. mentalists. this symbol is for you if you've not drank ginger beer for a while and your life's a bit dull and dreary (i expect almost none of you fit in this category).

rainy days and fundays: we used this as a cd cover for not3bad. we like it, 'cos it was a quite old cd with some sad songs on it. we secretly like the rain, it's not so bad... you've a sunset hidden under your bed.

birr, the coldest town in ireland. snowflaketastic - is your heart a little cold? no sunsets, no ginger beer, no pizza, no love, no lime. come visit a gig before it's too late.