drink like a hesitation!

oh dear. what have we become...?

a crate

really, the choice of crate is yours

we would suggest getting something on special. no point wasting your hard earned cash. hesitation crates are always accompanied by some tunes, and a bit of productivity. no point having nothing to show for it the next day. even if you build a tower, a monument to your achievement let's say, we salute you.

a box

see 'the runs' in rock family tree.

a box (wooden/cardboard) can provide a wonderful percussive setion to any beat combo. you can revive the days of skiffle with your forefathers. be sure to remove product before any lengthy solo.

tea chasers

who needs alcohol when you can have tea?

well, technically it's alongside a pint - but you get the idea.

earl gray

a mildly effeminate tea.

worth asking for this in a bar. try to keep a straight face. we did this in popolo (newcastle) with the sisters of misery. much confusion all around.

superbly effeminate tea


oh yes. i was sceptical, but it is lush. try it. it's the tea of kings.

effeminate kings, i suppose. queens? i dunno.

wine boxes

a genius idea.

except on school nights. it's sort of wrong not to finish the box.

n.b. here comes the genius.

when you need a lie down, you can blow up the bag, and you have a pillow. like i said - genius.


a serious note.

bear in mind that we are professionals and drinking crates, wine boxes and earl gray should not be taken lightly - all can seriously damage your health and sense of fun.

do not try this alone. and keep some love and lime close by.